Friday, February 11, 2011

What do you find in Tent Camps in Haiti?

Today started out with an agenda, but Haiti had a different plan!
We started out going to a house, somewhere in Haiti, to see a baby that a daddy can't take care of anymore. And that's where my journey began today!
Sounds like an easy task, not in Haiti!!!! We end up going around the whole city of PAP, only to end up back where we a Tent City, "At The Airport"!!!! It would have been so much easier to just go to the Airport in the first place, maybe about 30 min. at the most! But noooo not for me, I didn't get lunch until after 4:00pm! Talk about starving!!
We got into the camp, and there were alot of Haitians wondering what in the world a "Blanc" was doing there in their camp! Talk abou feeling awkward... That was me!! Well we were able to find the person over the Camp and he was able to help is find the the person we were looking for! While there, we talked to a 16 year old pregnant girl that was pregnant, about to pop, and already had 2 other kids!! Now, saying that, she doesn't want to keep any of them!
This is what keeps Haiti the way it is and it is very saddening! Whether Kids having kids for the pleasure of sex, or being sexually abused, the problem still stands. It is was it is, but without proper knowledge of Birth Control, it will continue on the same coarse!!! Don't get me wrong, it's not just the kids...they have to learn it from somewhere!!!
As were were getting back to the car, the man in charge shared with us, that the Camp has way to many kids and they need to find homes for them. The Moms can't take care of their babies and just want someone to care for them! This situation is very real and very ramped in Hait, as well as other 3rd World countries that doesn't educated their people on the use of birth control!!!
We have had an invitation to come back and speak with the moms in the camp about the well being of their children. Please pray that God gives us the words to speak as we journey down this path of uncharted territory!!! May God get all the glory for everything we say and do!!