Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's gonna happen now?

Well, here we are again waiting to hear what the Election results will be for the next round!! Who do we believe will be the final 2...Manigat and Martelly! Celestin pulled out early and I know he's up to something! Why would you pull out of a race that you've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on and fought so hard to cheat your way into and quit now? My guess is,he knew he'd be out anyway!
There is always something exciting going on in Haiti, whether it be saving someones life or Violence in the streets! Lol So, as we sit by and wait for the results to be read, we as Christians should be on our knees praying that Gods Kingdom come His Will be done! Talk about a life changing experience, let's see what Satan thinks when all Gods people are praying for the mighty hand of God to surround Haiti and it's Governmental leaders.
Well, whatever the outcome is, life will go on as usual and our Mighty Father is still on the Throne! We are safe and stocked up on all the food we need for a few days, just in case, and will keep you posted on all that happens in Haiti!
Blessings to all!