Friday, February 18, 2011

The Blindness of Survival...

From the words of a Godly Haitian Man:
After spending time in a Tent Camp recently, we encountered a beautiful 16yr old girl that is pregnant and already has twins! Her twins are 18 months old and she is 8 months pregnant now, living with her mom in a tent! When asked how are you doing taking care of your babies, her reaction is far too common, I can't!
So how is it that these girls, women, keep having children, when they can't take care of them or themselves....their way of survival. To us "Americans", this is absurd! This is not our way of thinking, or our culture, but in many 3rd world countries, it's a way of survival. When you are starving, no place to live, you do what you have to, to survive. This is what I'm starting to understand here. When you're desperate and someone offers to pay you, take care of you, or feed you, you'll do whatever it takes. This is why so many babies are being born and taken to Orphanages, or left in garbage piles & door steps... "For Survival"! It breaks my heart to see all the beautiful faces here, that are innocent and have no idea what their future holds. Through Gods grace and love, we are here to help give them a chance to see God's love and provide hope to such a beautiful creation, no matter who their parents are!

When the Haitian men, who are supposed to be the head of the house, and the spiritual leader, get off their butts and quit expecting people to hand them money for nothing, Haiti will start to change! When you don't have anything already, and people give you a tent, food, and anything else to survive, why would you want to work?

Are we really helping these people, or are we just enabling them to continue to be lazy and worthless???? This is the question we all need to ask ourselves. Do we continue to give or do we help provide skills to better themselves and teach them that Gods plan doesn't include the way they've been living! Change, but Gods change is what's needed, not mans. Ashton nailed it the other day, when she asked me what are we doing for these people? I told her that we were here to work through the local churches to help the communities pull together and grow in God grace. She then said "No", what are we doing for "THESE PEOPLE", on the street!!! That's what it's truly about! Reaching the people that are lost, not in a community, not in a church fellowship, the one in the tent cities that have nothing!
The situation here is so big and overwhelming, where do you start? All I can do is pray, pray, pray, and ask God to show us what and where we will be the most effective. I, in my human form want to fix everything, but then I realize it has to be God through me. His will, not mine, is the only way. Until God's plan is revealed, we just have to pray that we are full of His grace and love as He first loved us.