Thursday, September 2, 2010

Raising money and support!!

Well this is a title that is way out of my comfort zone!!
I've never be one that could just ask for money, unless it was my mom of coarse!!! But being in the missionary field, you have to do that ever so often, more often than not!!
Well this is the time that I do ask!!! If any of you have been here to experience Haiti, and stayed here with us, then you know the importance of electricity! There's another important factor here as well, survival! Since January 14, Greg and chris were here in the ground transporting patients form PaP to the hospital in Jimani for care. As they were in Crisis mode, they were struggling with sleepless nights and the strain of hurt and dying people, they were also trying to get a house suitable to live in as well!
At the time, they were thinking that the house was big enough for Greg and I to live in and use the other three rooms for a guest home! Well, as the Lord had other plans, the things that happened and the flood of people that followed, we needed a new house! The generator that was purchased for the main house, was plenty big enough to run everything we had! As we grew to having 2 houses, we discovered that the generator we had was far too small to run both houses!!!
This brings me to the reason for this plea.....we need to raise $6,000.00 pretty quick to purchase another generator, big enough to run the both houses without shutting down 4or5 times a night! As you have seen in the news, Hurricanne season has begun and this is something that is of high priority for us!!! I pray that as each of you are Reading this, you will look within yourself you help us in this desperate situation! Thank you in advance for every prayer that has gone up on our behalf!
Many blessing from Haiti...