Thursday, September 2, 2010

Desperately seeking funds for a new generator!!!!

Just had the biggest scare of my life, our generator would not come on!!!!! As you know, we're trying to get another one that's bigger than the one we have now, so that it runs BOTH houses, well it didn't want to come on at all tonight!!! It's a heat factor issue here, as well as mosquitoes too! I don't know what we're gonna do if this continues!! Greg, after working on it for over an hour, was able to get it started!! I just hope that public power comes on soon, before the generator decides to shut off!
Please pray about how God would have you give toward helping us purchase another generator!!! In the heat, without fans at night to fight off the mosquitoes, Malaria is a very big issue!

Please continue to pray for our family here in Haiti as you end your night and start your mornings!!

If you would like to help in purchasing a new generator, please send your checks to Cadasha foundation in Knoxville Tn. Attention Cheis Keylon and in the memo put Roberts family generator!! FYI this is a Tax Deductable donation!
God bless you and your family in everything you do!!