Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates from Haiti

Yay, I told you I can do it by myself!
Going on a walk with Daddy!
As I sit here today, with Melissa asleep, I realize that I haven't blogged in a while. I'm so sorry for that and I'll try to catch you up!!!

Since my last blog, we have taken on a new baby! NO, No, she's not staying forever! LOL Just until we are able to get her a little healthier. She was abandoned at our clinic in Pernier. Actually, it's First Baptist Church of Pernier's clinic, but we work out of it and have supported it since it was started. I like to call it ours, cause I feel like we are a part of it. Anyway, Melissa was taken to the clinic by her mom and given to a lady that was waiting to be seen and told her that she would be right back. Sadly, she never came back. We believe that the decision the mom made, was not an easy one. Why, Melissa has been seen at the clinic on 3 other occasions, by our wonderful team of Dr.s and nurses that have voluntarily came to serve. She is 6 months old, has Downs Syndrome, and a heart defect. Melissa is very small for her age, but we believe that it's due to the heart defect. Dr. Jenny Chapman scooped her up and started feed and loving one this very fragile little girl, like she was her own. Unfortunately, she had to leave going back to the states the next day. With that being said, Kristina Birkhead, jumped in and took responsibility of being mom to this little girl. Now the funny thing about this, is that Kristina hates children.....I have been very proud of her and what she is doing for Melissa. She has taken charge and flourished in ways that are unbelievable. I know that the Lord is definitely working on this girl, cause now she loves Melissa without reservations and beyond her faults and disabilities as any other MOM would. Well, now Kristina has a full time job at the kids school as a teacher, and Mentor for the girls there, to help lead them in a way that is glorifying to God.
On top of this big adventure comes our you all know, we have our own little bundle of joy!!! Isaac is getting so big!! Everyday is a new adventure for him and us!!! He has learned to walk and is getting faster everyday. I get so tickled watching him do new things. He has learned to go up and down stairs, so now we have to put up a guard gate. I just can't believe how much life and excitement he has brought to this family, and more amazed how the kids have taken responsibility in helping me.
Well, the CHOH, the Orphanage Isaac came from has been trying to get their Kresh license. This license will allow the Orphanage to become a legal adoption agency. After all the research and paper work has been sent in and resent, they are now awaiting INSPECTION!!!! With that being done, Isaac has had to be at the Orphanage at all times. We are trying to take him out there on Monday, pick him up in the afternoon on Wed. and return him on Thurs. morning and pick him back up on Friday afternoon for the weekend. It's very hard to do, but we are trying to make the best of it. We have heard that the inspection will be done at least by next Friday!!! We know that this is what we've all been working and praying to happen, but the wait is terrible. If you've ever been to Haiti, you know that nothing happens here in a hurry!!!
On the upside of things, we did talk to a lawyer day before yesterday! He has already started getting our permanent residency taken care of and said that it shouldn't take but at the most 21 days. After that is done, he will write a letter for us to take to the Embassy and apply for Isaac Visa to travel to the states with us at Christmas. We'll have enough done and with our guardianship, we shouldn't have a problem. He will continue to work on the adoption part, but said that with us having 2 other children already, that it may take a little while longer to complete. We will actually have to have the President of Haiti sign off on it, then it has to be logged into something, but it will be worth the wait. I'm just excited that he will, God willing, come home with us Christmas.
As you all know, adoptions cost alot of money! Right now, we are praying that God will provide that money. The cost will be $6,500.00 and anyone who feels led to help us with the costs would be greatly appreciated. We don't want people to just give because they feel they have too, we want people to be led by the Holy Spirit to give. We know that God will provide, we also want everyone to be involved in our amazing journey.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our Journey to Haiti! God is amazing and His spirit is ever present in our daily walk. Not everything is perfect, but through God's Holy Spirit, everything is possible!!!

If you would like to help with adoption costs, please send it to:

Chadasha Foundation
C/O Chris Keylon
P.O. Box 743
Louisville, TN. 37777