Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a little about my day!

Well, this morning Issac was so sweet! He couldn't decide if he wanted to sleep or play! He cuddled up with me for a while and then woke up in full force. Kristina and I got around this morning and started our day by working out. We did 2 different ones, and the 2nd one kicked our butt. We have doing this for a week now, with the exception of Sat. and Sun. We will look good in the end, it just hurts now. LOL
When we picked up the kids after school, Ashton asked if we felt the aftershock today, of coarse not, I was on my way to pick them up!!! Both the kids said they felt it and that some of the kids ran outside screaming. Well, the Lord is working in my kids, because if you know them, this is the thing that would have put them over the top!! Not even worried a bit, God is so good. Well I know some of you are wondering about school, they love it!!!!! They are making friends, and Dustin even wants to stay after school with some of his classmates homework! Yes, doing homework!!!!! He loves his teachers and even wants to go to school. Talk about God moving, OMG!!!!!
We are so blessed to be here and be a part of God's plan!!!! We are still trying to raise money for the generator that we mentioned a few weeks ago. If you didn't hear, we are trying to raise 6,000.00 for a new generator for our house. The one we have now is just not big enough to run our house and the guest house. When we purchase the bigger one, this one will be used as a back up and during Hurricane season. If you would like to be a part of this purchase, let me know and I'll let you know where to send it!!!
Thank you so much for every prayer and support that each one of you has sent our way!!! Your blessings will be great in Heaven.
I'll be posting more, since I can do this from my phone now!!! I hope you will continue to check back and see just what the Lord is doing in our lives as well as Haiti!!!

Lots of Love,
The Roberts
Greg, Michelle, Dustin, Ashton and Issac